The Fussy Librarian adds new content filters

The Fussy Librarian has added new content filters to their book recommendation mailing list, similar to trigger warnings. Authors can now mark if their book contains any of the following types of content: sexual violence, animal cruelty, and/or torture.

I’ve mentioned The Fussy Librarian before because it’s the only book recommendation service I know of that allows readers to filter their preferences not only for genre, but also profanity, sex, and violence. Adding these specific content filters just adds more detail for potential readers to consider. The book descriptions will now note when any of these topics are portrayed (without giving spoiler details) so readers can make an informed choice before they buy.

I think it’s a simple, elegant solution. Again, this is not censorship: the books are listed for readers who have opted in for explicit content, and not for those who simply aren’t interested. So readers see the books they want to read and authors get their books in front of the right audience. Everyone wins.

I’m glad someone is taking content/trigger warnings seriously. I’ve seen a lot of backlash and negative satire about trigger warnings lately, and it’s hurtful to hear that people think so little about others’ psychological well-being. But this list is handling the issue in a straightforward manner. I hope others follow their example.


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