Witch Gate on Wattpad

If you’ve missed the updates on my Facebook and Twitter feeds last week, I decided to start posting chapters of Witch Gate on Wattpad. I’m up to chapter four as of today. Answers to major questions are coming up, like “Who is Dandelion?” and “Does all magic ultimately come from the Fae?” While I stress that this is all still first draft and things can change in both book 2 and book 3 before they’re finished, I’m very excited to be sharing these directly with readers as I’m writing them. It gives me a lot of motivation and satisfaction to know that there are people eager to see each chapter as I finish it and the story still continues to hold their interest.

Pretty early on in the writing process, I realized that Rosa’s story was too big to fit into just one book, and with some experimentation I found that a trilogy was the best length to explore her personal journey. So all of the questions that I’ve posed in the past two books, the promises that I’ve made along the way, they are all meant to lead up to this final adventure. Some things I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind for two years now and some I thought up along the way, but seeing them all come to a head now is very exciting for me.

I don’t know all of the answers yet myself–there’s big holes in my outline, and I think my Muse is hiding a lot from me. So I’ll be discovering a lot as I go through this first draft. I hope that it all lives up to the anticipation! But the nice thing about a first draft is I can fall down, make a few mistakes, and figure out how to fix it later. (Feedback helps, so if you read, please comment!)


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