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Writing Wednesday: Facing a Bully

Every school has their cliques and bullies. Brie’s long-time nemesis is Samantha, the daughter of a magitek CEO in Silicon Valley, who looks down on Brie and her friends because their families don’t have a lot of money. When they clash at the Faerie Court party, sparks fly that will set future events in motion. Read this new scene from The Daring Witch:

Watch Out for the Rich Witches

There was plenty of seating around the baroness’s estate, from the formal dining room to the patio furniture outside, but I had a specific spot in mind. Away from the networking professionals and the empty dance floor was a cozy living room with overstuffed couches. We filled plates from the serving table and took over two couches with a coffee table between them.

Tyler finally caught up with us there. “Watch out,” he said in an ominous tone, looking back over his shoulder. “The Rich Witches are in a mood tonight.”

Willow’s head jerked up with wide eyes. “Who’s that?”

“Our nickname for a bunch of girls who think too highly of themselves,” Damian said with a sniff. “Don’t pay them any attention, that’s just what they want.”

Erin sighed. “Every school has their problem with cliques. These are the so-called popular girls, mostly because their parents have lots of money.”

Willow’s wolf ears flattened back into her curls. “I didn’t expect anything like that here.”

“Sorry,” I said, putting my hand on her arm. “I guess everyone wants to know where they stand in the pecking order, and witches may be at the bottom of the magical community, but even we have our problems.” Gesturing at her wolfish ears, I added in a gentle tone, “Do you think you can hide those? It’s easier if you don’t draw attention.”

Willow drew in a sharp breath, and for a moment it looked like she was about to shift the other way, with more fur sprouting on her face and hands. But with a look of intense concentration, she got control of herself. Her statue shrank down and the wolf traits disappeared. She blinked human eyes at me.

“Is that everything?” she asked in a whisper.

I nodded. “Yeah, you look fine.”

Seconds later, the click-clack of high heeled shoes marching in unison echoed across the hardwood floor. Three scantily-clad teen girls stalked into the room and surveyed the area like warriors seeking a battlefield.

On the left was Diana Carter, pursing her lips together in a pout as she twirled her fingers in her blonde hair. On the right was Kelsey Patton, the brunette, flicking her gaze down to her phone screen and up again as she tapped her long manicured nails furiously on the keyboard. And in the middle was the worst: Samantha Blackburn, the statuesque strawberry blonde, who ruined her model-perfect face with a hateful scowl.

Samantha’s piercing turquoise eyes swept over my friends with a dismissive glare. She opened her mouth with a nasty sneer, then shook her head and stopped. “Nothing in here but a bunch of losers.” She spun on her heel. “C’mon, girls, let’s not waste our time on the trash.”

Diana and Kelsey bobbed their heads and followed her in lockstep. Their shrill voices disappeared down the hall as they chattered about other students who were at the party.

Erin let out a sigh of relief. “That was a close one.”


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