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Writing Wednesday: Sleepover

This excerpt is from my latest release, 90s Girl Cult: Season 1. What happens when you mix teen girls, Tarot cards, and a sleepover? Read on to find out!

Tarot Reading

I told Nikki that I had no real way of knowing whether the spell worked or not. So Nikki asked if I could use divination to find out the answer. We were already planning to go to a sleepover at Annie and Siobhan’s house on Saturday night, so we agreed that I would bring some supplies.

The nice thing about staying at Annie and Siobhan’s house is that we can sleep outside and get some privacy. Their parents have a camper trailer sitting in their front yard, and we’re allowed to stay out there as long as we don’t make too much noise. It’s too cold in the winter, but the weather is already starting to get nice this month, and I think we’ll be warm enough in our sleeping bags. We’re not allowed to light candles because her parents think it’s a fire hazard, even though I’m always super careful with them, but we can turn most of the lights out and use a camping lantern. It’s the perfect atmosphere for divination.

I’ve experimented with a few types. My mom lets me borrow her astrology book, but drawing up star charts takes a lot of math. I have a crystal sun-catcher that I can use for a pendulum, which is only really good for yes/no questions. I got a set from a bookstore that has a bunch of things like rune stones, I-ching coins, and instructions for things like numerology, but what I really wanted was a deck of Tarot cards. For a while, I was using a deck of regular playing cards, but those aren’t really the same. But last year, my mom finally bought me a nice Tarot deck with dragons on it. I’ve been memorizing all the card meanings and now I barely need to look at the little book that came with it.

The one rule is that I can’t have a Ouija board. That’s stupid, because those are just dumb cardboard toys, anyway. We tried making one ourselves once and you could totally tell who was moving the planchette. I don’t know why people get so freaked out over those.

Anyway, we went out to the camper trailer last night and waited until we saw the lights go off inside the house, just in case. I didn’t want anyone overhearing our conversation. Then we set up the lantern on the little table that’s built into the trailer and I shuffled the cards.

“Concentrate on your question,” I reminded Nikki, then held out the deck for her to cut. “What do you want to know?”

Nikki’s eyes gleamed in the lantern light. “Did our spell work on Justin?”

I tried not to roll my eyes. “The Tarot deck doesn’t do yes/no questions. We should switch the pendulum if that’s all you want.”

“No,” Nikki said, putting her hand on top of mine before I could move the cards. “You said this was better at detailed answers. This will tell us what we want to know.”


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