Writing Wednesday: Mechanical Jaguar

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It's Wednesday, which means time for another excerpt from my current work-in-progress. You may recall that Riwenne went to see an unusual circus performance where she encountered a mechanical beast.…

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Yuri’s Health Scare

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Last week, I was all set to have a fun time celebrating my birthday and Valentine's Day, rolling into a long weekend. Instead, we had a health scare for my…

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How 2018 Imploded For Me

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Trigger warning: infertility. And this isn't going to be one of those stories with a happy ending, in the sense that I struggled with IF and then had a miracle…

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SPFBO Shorts Interview

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SPFBO has chosen their finalists for this year's competition, but that doesn't mean the fun is over. An interesting promo going on right now is the SPFBO Shorts Giveaway. You…

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