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SPFBO Shorts Interview

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SPFBO has chosen their finalists for this year’s competition, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. An interesting promo going on right now is the SPFBO Shorts Giveaway. You can get short stories that relate to contest entries from this year and previous years of the competition. It’s a fun way to sample writing from the various authors so you can see which ones appeal to you.

As part of this promo, the organizer is also interviewing authors about their short stories. If you’d like to know more about the stories I’m giving away and how they relate to my two SPFBO entries, you can read it on his blog this week with the link below.

SPFBO Shorts Interview

By the way, the finalists from this year’s competition have been on sale this week. You can grab ten of the hottest fantasy novels for less than a dollar each. Find all of them listed on Virginia’s site below.


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