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A Holiday Special: Faerie Merry Christmas

Today, I sent readers on my newsletter a special holiday gift. This is an exclusive short story in the Vampires of Calaveras trilogy, set a few months after the events of Vampires’ Daughter (book 1). The first book in the trilogy isn’t out until February, but readers of the serial just got the last chapter last week, so I wanted to release this holiday special for everyone who is waiting for more of Heather’s story.

Since it’s a spoiler for book 1, I don’t plan on releasing this story for sale right now, so the only way to get it is by joining my newsletter. You still have time to sign up if you want to receive it and the download link will be in the welcome email. If you’re an existing subscriber, don’t forget that you can find all the free downloads in the Members Vault!

Heather is a human girl raised by vampires, and she had a very sheltered life until she moved to the small town of Madrone. Now she is juggling friendships with all kinds of magical people while learning how to navigate her new community. But she wasn’t ready for the Winter Solstice ball at the Fae castle.

For the sake of her best friend, she agreed to a double-date with one boy, but her heart is set on another one who is forbidden. Glen is the heir to the Fae court and betrothed to another girl. But Heather has secretly developed feelings for him because he is the only one who understands her family pressure.

When a love potion goes wrong and hidden feelings come to the surface, Heather finds herself exposed. What will happen when everyone learns her secret?

“Faerie Merry Christmas” is a holiday special story for the Vampires of Calaveras trilogy, taking place between the first and second book.


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