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Announcing the Christmas Spirit anthology!

Happy December! I just had a great holiday weekend with my family where we ate too much food, watched a few fun movies, and set up a giant Christmas tree. We have lots of space in our new home so we splurged and got an eleven-foot-tall tree! We had to use a ladder to decorate the top. It’s such a great centerpiece for our living room, it has room to spare for all of our ornaments, and it’s near the fireplace so it’s a cozy space. I can’t wait to make more holiday memories around this special tree.

I mentioned last month that all of my winter holiday short stories were written for a specific anthology, and it’s finally available! The 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Anthology came from another challenge by editor Michelle Francik. This time there are thirty entries from fifteen authors, including short stories, poems, and artwork. I think you will find something for everyone because there are heart-warming stories, religious-themed ones, holiday romance, comedy, and even dark and creepy tales. It’s hard to describe just how big the range of material there is in this collection.

Also, many of the stories come with an introduction by the author to explain what inspired them, which is always fun to learn about. The particularly dark and/or violent stories are also marked so you can skip them if you choose.

These are not your mother’s holiday stories! The authors of the 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Challenge, hosted by Michelle Francik, were tasked with writing short stories that evoked the “Christmas Spirit.” That could mean anything from tidings of joy to the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future!

This anthology covers the whole spectrum-from love, joy, and anticipation to depression, revenge and redemption. Whether you’re a scrooge or a holiday lover, you’ll find something to make you laugh, think, and hope.

Authors in this anthology are:
Kristen S. Walker
M. Quinn Evans
Randi O’Keefe
Thom Thomas
Virginia M. Barilla
Annie Littlewolf
C. O. Bonham
Donna L Martin
Francine Muzykant
Hannah Schofield
Ichabod Ebenezer
Jeff Bacon
Karen Walker
Katrina O’Brien
Michelle Francik


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