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Announcing the Witches of California

Since I am now working on the third linked series stemming from Small Town Witch, I realized that I needed a way to refer to all the series together in an easy way. I needed to name the shared world.

Each series can be read alone but they are all referring to many of the same characters and locations, so I needed to put them together. My original plan back in the day was to call this the Witches of Calaveras. But since Brie’s story takes her outside of Calaveras county, I needed to go bigger. So here is what I landed on.

Witches of California is the collective name for all my urban fantasy series. So far, it’s focused on small towns in northern California forests. Witches are the main focus, but there are a variety of other fantasy creatures including vampires, Fae, kitsune, mermaids, unicorns, and so on.

Here is the recommended reading order:

  • Fae of Calaveras (Rosa)
  • Vampires of Calaveras (Heather)
  • Santa Cruz Witch Academy (Brie)

The timeline is that Fae and Vampires start to run concurrently (more or less), but the third book of Heather’s story is planned to take place after Rosa’s, so that’s why they are in that order. Santa Cruz Witch Academy is roughly twenty years later and features Rosa’s daughter, Brie.

I already have ideas for more stories in this world, and you will hear news about another one soon.


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