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Vampires’ Daughter Release Date

I’m so excited to announce the release date for my next book, starting a new series. Vampires’ Daughter is the first book of the Vampires of Calaveras trilogy, another spin-off from Small Town Witch/Fae of Calaveras trilogy!

This book will include familiar characters and settings from Small Town Witch, but you’ll get to hear the story from the perspective of Heather. In fact, her book starts before she ever gets to Madrone, California with her life in Detroit. Find out more about her sheltered upbringing, how she knows so much about the Unseelie, and why her parents chose to move her to Madrone. All of Heather’s secrets are finally coming to light. Things that she’s only hinted about to Rosa or things that Rosa didn’t know about until much later–especially her relationship with Glen.

I’ve already talked about this book because it’s currently releasing in serial form on Patreon, Radish, and Kindle Vella. Now it’s time to announce the release date for the ebook and paperback versions.

And the release date will be special because it’s also my birthday!

February 13, 2023

Fae and vampires are mortal enemies.

Heather is a human girl raised by vampire parents so they can turn her on her eighteenth birthday. But while she is mortal, they keep her under strict rules. She longs to learn more about the world, especially the magical community she will join someday. Her first taste of freedom comes with tragic consequences.

To keep her safe from the vicious Unseelie, Heather’s parents move her across the country to a little town deep in the woods of northern California. In Madrone, Heather feels more isolated than ever—until she attends Crowther Private Academy for Magical Students and meets the boy of her dreams.

Despite the warnings, Heather falls in love with a faerie prince named Glen. Their romance is doomed from the start: he’s already betrothed to a faerie princess, and she is scheduled to die in less than a year. But with Glen, she feels like a normal human girl for the first time in her life. Neither of them can deny the strong pull for the other.

How will she choose between her heart and the immortality that awaits her?

Vampires of Calaveras is a young adult paranormal romance trilogy in the Witches of California world, which also includes Small Town Witch and the Santa Cruz Witch Academy series. There are familiar characters and settings from other books, but it can be read on its own. If you love forbidden romance, vampires, small towns, and Fae, then try Vampires’ Daughter!


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