2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Anthology

2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story AnthologyTitle: 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Anthology
Published by: Michelle Francik
Release Date: November 30, 2019
Contributors: Kristen S. Walker, M. Quinn Evans, Randi O'Keefe, Thom Thomas, Virginia M. Barilla, Annie Littlewolf, C. O. Bonham, Donna L Martin, Francine Muzykant, Hannah Schofield, Ichabod Ebenezer, Jeff Bacon, Karen Walker, Katrina O'Brien, Michelle Francik
Genre: Christmas, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy, Holiday, Horror, Steampunk, Thriller, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 237
ISBN13: 978-1670083609
These are not your mother's holiday stories! The authors of the 2019 Christmas Spirit Short Story Challenge, hosted by Michelle Francik, were tasked with writing short stories that evoked the "Christmas Spirit." That could mean anything from tidings of joy to the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future!
This anthology covers the whole spectrum-from love, joy, and anticipation to depression, revenge and redemption. Whether you're a scrooge or a holiday lover, you'll find something to make you laugh, think, and hope.
Authors in this anthology are:
Kristen S. Walker
M. Quinn Evans
Randi O'Keefe
Thom Thomas
Virginia M. Barilla
Annie Littlewolf
C. O. Bonham
Donna L Martin
Francine Muzykant
Hannah Schofield
Ichabod Ebenezer
Jeff Bacon
Karen Walker
Katrina O'Brien
Michelle Francik
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Includes 4 stories from Kristen S. Walker:

  • A Midwinter Night's Dream (Fae of Calaveras)
  • Merry Witchmas, Mom (Santa Cruz Witch Academy)
  • The Ghost on Winter Solstice (Wyld Magic)
  • Vilqa's Gift of the Sea Goddess (Divine Warriors)