Flights of Fantasy

Title: Flights of Fantasy
Published by: E. V. Everest
Release Date: August 20, 2021
Contributors: E. V. Everest, S. R. Breaker, Day Leitao, Kristen S. Walker, Alice Ivinya, Allison Rose, Nicole Zoltack, Lyndsey Hall, Jo Holloway, R. L. Perez, Astrid V. J.
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

A Limited-Time Collection of YA Fantasy Stories

Matchmaking Witches, Rogue Vampires, Charming Princes, and Magic Gone Awry

Are you ready for an adventure?

Travel to eleven fantastical lands and experience adventure, mystery and romance that will leave your heart pounding for more. Catch the eye of the Prince by dancing at the Christmas ball. Join a vampire coven rebellion and resist a siren's song. Try your hand at being a barista while matchmaking a water nymph and mortal. What could go wrong? Stare down the beasts in the woods, or become a Queen trying to stitch together a life in tatters. Defend children from deadly shadow creatures and try your best not to get eaten. Oh, and you really shouldn't steal that mysterious substance in the lab...

Each adventure is crafted by USA Today Bestselling, award winning, and up and coming authors.

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