Gilded Glass

Title: Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths & Shattered Fairy Tales
Published by: WordFire Press LLC
Release Date: July 19, 2022
Contributors: Kevin J. Anderson, Allyson Longueira, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Alan Dean Foster, Jonathan Maberry, Kristen Kathryn Rusch, Michaelbrent Collings, and more
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Pages: 336

A mirror is far more than meets the eye. When you gaze into the gilded glass, what do you see—and what looks back at you?

A beautiful woman hiding an ugly secret?
A malevolent king who delivers a fate worse than death?
An urban legend who will become an unlikely ally?
An alien gladiator with reflective armor?
A monster to the rescue?
A goddess?
A distorted version of yourself?

Dare to gaze into these 24 original tales of sweet deceptions and cursed truths by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jonathan Maberry, Alan Dean Foster, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Michaelbrent Collings, and more.

Edited by international bestseller Kevin J. Anderson and Allyson Longueira and their Publishing graduate students at Western Colorado University, Gilded Glass: Twisted Myths and Shattered Fairy Tales offers stories with diverse roots, characters, and cultures, from frightening to funny, from once upon a time to far-flung futures and back to the modern day.

Deals are made and wishes granted. Friendships forged and enemies vanquished. You’ll love this anthology of modern myths, lore, and fairy tales, because everyone enjoys a happily ever after...

...or do they?

Stare deep into the gilded glass.
What you find might haunt you.

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Includes my short story, "Tips for a Baby Witch."