Witch Test

Witch TestTitle: Witch Test
Series: Fae of Calaveras #0.5
Published by: Kristen S. Walker
Release Date: May 1, 2014
Genre: , ,
Pages: 24
Rosamunde has waited her whole life to become a witch, and on her thirteenth birthday, the Faerie Court sets a test for her to gain her powers: follow a trail up the mountain to the castle. There could be trials along the way, but the Fae told her that nothing would be truly dangerous. The only rule is that she can’t get any outside help. She’s confident that nothing could hold her back.
But the mysterious old woman in the woods is offering her magical powers now, and she won’t take no for an answer. She can back up her threat by summoning dangerous beasts—and Rosa has nothing to defend herself. She must make a choice between losing her life or failing her chance to become a witch.
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This short story is a prequel to the Fae of Calaveras trilogy, and can be enjoyed at any point in the series.

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