Witch Gate

Witch GateTitle: Witch Gate
Series: Fae of Calaveras #3
Published by: Kristen S. Walker
Release Date: Oct. 10, 2014
Genre: , ,
Pages: 245
ISBN13: 978-1503048966
Teen witch Rosamunde has dug herself into even deeper trouble. She risked her own life, and her best friend Ashleigh, to make a deal with the Unseelie anarchists so she could get her kidnapped sister Akasha back from her fugitive mother, Rosmerta. With help, she narrowly prevented her mother from opening a forbidden gate between the mortal realm and the Otherworld. But she couldn’t see her mother arrested, so she let her go.
Now to avoid prosecution for her own mistakes, Rosa must testify in the Faerie Court’s trial of her former friends. With her evidence, the Unseelie could be sentenced to exile in the Otherworld—a punishment Rosa disagrees with, but she’s helpless to stop. Unless there’s a way to rise above the political struggle of Seelie vs. Unseelie and stop the violence.

But Rosmerta isn’t done messing her daughter’s life—or trying to open a gate that could tip the balance between Seelie and Unseelie. She reveals a dark secret about Akasha that shakes up the entire family. Akasha must choose a side: to help her mother tear apart the foundations of their community or use her newfound powers to fight back.
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