Review: A Ransom of Flames from #SPFBO

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A deadly blight. A crownless queen. A journey to the edge of the world. A mysterious blight devastates the world of Aeden. The Vehlek, dark, immortal guardians of Aeden, have…

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Review: Masque from #SPFBO

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Beauty met the Beast and there was . . . Bloody murder? It’s the Annual Ambassadorial Ball in Glause, and Lady Isabella Farrah, the daughter of New Civet’s Ambassador, is…

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Review: Bone Dry from #SPFBO

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Sometimes it isn’t as easy as choosing right or wrong. Sixteen-year-old Holly Bennett is a comic book nerd, a con artist, and a shaman. Most days Holly wishes she could…

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Review: Clara’s Return

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Clara, lost and disillusioned from a hard-fought war, hopes to discover some answers about her lineage and abilities in the quiet village of Bluebell, where she once lived before being…

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Review: Clara

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Clara will have to see through both the fog of war, and the fog of her own heart, to save a nation... Sold into slavery as a child, and rendered…

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Review: The Ruins on Stone Hill

Goodreads link: The Ruins on Stone Hill (The Heroes of Ravenford #1) Author: F. P. Spirit Genre: YA Fantasy My Rating: 4/5 stars The Ruins on Stone Hill is pretty…

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Review: The Dead Game

Goodreads Link: The Dead Game Author: Susanne Leist Genre: Paranormal Mystery Rating: 3/5 stars ***I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Dead…

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Review: Midnight Runes

Goodreads Link: Midnight Runes (The Bestowed Ones #1) Author: Celeste Buie Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Rating: 4/5 stars WHEN YOUR FUTURE’S AT STAKE, DO YOU FOLLOW YOUR HEAD OR HEART?Brynn…

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