Review: The Alchemist of Souls

Goodreads Link: The Alchemist of Souls (Night's Masque #1) Author: Anne Lyle Genre: Historical Fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars I love Elizabethan, Renaissance, and Shakespearean stories, and this novel did not disappoint!…

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Review: Shucked

Goodreads Link: Shucked Author: Megg Jensen Genre: YA/Teen Adventure Rating: 3/5 stars The book was cute to start, and I enjoyed the premise of the world-weary travel trying to fit in to a…

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Review: Witch Song

Goodreads Link: Witch Song (Witch Song #1) Author: Amber Argyle Genre: YA Fantasy Rating: 4/5 stars This book was fun to read! I liked Senna because I felt that she was a…

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Review: The Magicians

Goodreads Link: The Magicians (The Magicians #1) Author: Lev Grossman Genre: Fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars Wow, this is a powerful book. I saw the Narnia parallels early but it references many…

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Review: Blue Rabbit

Goodreads Link: Blue Rabbit Author: Jimena Novaro Genre: YA Urban Fantasy Rating: 5/5 stars I flew threw this book! A very unique urban fantasy with a portal to another world. It kept…

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Review: The Hero and the Crown

Review: The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley Goodreads link: Title: The Hero and the Crown Author: Robin McKinley Genres: YA Fantasy How to Purchase: Paperback My Rating: 5…

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My Top Ten YA Books (When I Was a Teen)

One of the biggest buzzes in the book world right now is NPR’s latest top-100 list of books. They are compiling a list of the best-ever teen/YA novels, and asking everyone to vote for their favorites. There are 235 finalists, and your challenge is to pick only 10 of them. (To make it a little easier, an entire series like Harry Potter or The Song of the Lioness count as only one vote.)

While I was struggling to get through the list, which has a lot of awesome books on it, I had to think about not only which books I was going to choose, but also why. Which books did I read again and again? Which books changed the way that I saw the world or inspired me to be a different person? Which books are still sitting on my bookshelf, a little worn with time and love, because I dragged them with me through numerous moves and clutter purges? (Some of my books are still in boxes, because a house full of book-lovers will never have enough shelves to support all of our reading habits.)

All of these books were ones that I read as a young teen (maybe a little younger; by the time I was fourteen, I was reading mostly adult stories). There are some YA novels that I’ve read and loved as a grown-up, because I’ve never stopped reading YA, but those don’t make the list. Not all of these are ones that I could vote for on NPR’s list, either. This list is also going to show my age a little (since books like The Hunger Games did not exist when I was a teen), especially since most of them are older books. (I got books from the library, not the New Releases at the bookstore.) (more…)

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