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Fantasy Friday: Sacrifice Me by Sarra Cannon

Sometimes the greatest sacrifice is refusing to become one…

On her twenty-first birthday, Franki Smith receives a dozen black roses and an unsigned invitation to a nightclub. Two handwritten words near the top haunt her. “Little Bird.” Her mother’s nickname for her.

Only, Franki’s mother disappeared without a trace exactly three years ago to the day.

And the nightclub doesn’t seem to exist.

Who sent the dark gift? Franki’s need to answer this question leads her to the doorway of a strange and glamorous new world. A world her mother went to great lengths to keep hidden.

A world someone desperately wants Franki to discover, where forbidden romance and dangerous truths await.

Vampires. Demons. Witches. Shifters. Return to the world of the bestselling Shadow Demons Saga, this time from the viewpoint of a brand new, kickass heroine.

Amazon Link: Sacrifice Me (Season 1)
Author: Sarra Cannon
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3/5 stars

This story is a spin-off from the Shadow Demons Saga (which is a YA urban fantasy series), but with an older protagonist and more explicit content. The author notes that you don’t need to read the other series to follow this one but I would add that it does come at a particular point in the Shadow Demons Saga (which I hadn’t reached yet) so there are some character spoilers revealed later on.

I wasn’t even sure it was in the same world at first because the story was so different. I didn’t like the main character or understand her attraction to the vampire, Rend–it felt a little cliché, and the explicit sexual content seemed forced.

The story took a long time to connect to Harper and the rest of the Shadow Demons team, but it was interesting to see how they were doing and how they related to the new characters. There was new information about the world, although I don’t know what has already been revealed in the main series by this point. Switching to Rend’s POV so late in the story didn’t really make him more sympathetic to me.

This had the same fast pace, detailed emotions, and surprising twists that Sarra Cannon is known for, so that kept my attention. I wish I had related to the characters more. The vampire guy was just too creepy for me and I felt like Franki was too willing to give in for his sake.

This book might be good for fans for the Shadow Demons Saga who want an older character’s perspective, but I feel like it’s a little weird to switch from a Young Adult/Teen focus to an Adult audience. It might also be popular with Vampire/Witch romance readers but that’s not really my thing so I can’t speak to how it matches with that subgenre.

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