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Fantasy Friday: Brimstone Bound by Helen Harper

A werewolf killer. A paranormal murder. How many times can Emma Bellamy cheat death?

I’m one placement away from becoming a fully fledged London detective. It’s bad enough that my last assignment before I qualify is with Supernatural Squad. But that’s nothing compared to what happens next.

Brutally murdered by an unknown assailant, I wake up twelve hours later in the morgue – and I’m very much alive. I don’t know how or why it happened. I don’t know who killed me. All I know is that they might try again.

Werewolves are disappearing right, left and centre.

A mysterious vampire seems intent on following me everywhere I go.

And I have to solve my own vicious killing. Preferably before death comes for me again.

Amazon Link: Brimstone Bound (Firebrand #1)
Author: Helen Harper
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5/5 stars

At first glance, this looks like a standard Urban Fantasy with typical worldbuilding. In supernatural London, there is a tenuous truce between humans and the “supes” like vampires and werewolves. The main character, Emma, is assigned to the (human) police division responsible for making sure that supernatural creatures follow the laws when they interact with humans (because they have the right to administer justice for crimes amongst their own kind). And she conveniently discovers her own powers just as she starts getting involved in supernatural affairs.

What makes this book fun is the humor of Emma’s snarky voice along with the rich characterization within the well-known tropes. The vampire lord, Lord Horvath, is more than just a brooding political manipulator, and the werewolves have a variety of personalities. There are also other types of “supes” which keep the world interesting. The human characters can still hold their own rather than being helpless victims. The pace is fast and the action keeps coming, which kept me hooked. And the two mysteries were surprising enough to keep me guessing.

One mystery is the crime which gets wrapped up by the end of the book. The second mystery is Emma’s powers as the phoenix, why she keeps reviving after she’s died, and it seems like it will be a theme throughout the series. It made me want to read more and I’m looking forward to more books.

I recommend this book for fans of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Dresden Files, and urban fantasy detectives.


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