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February Reading Journal: Little Twin Stars

I’m catching up on my reading journal spreads from earlier this year. In February, which is my birthday month, I chose to decorate with a theme that I’ve loved since childhood. The Little Twin Stars are Sanrio characters with a very pale pastel color palette, so these images may look a little washed out. While Hello Kitty was very popular when I was young, I really liked the Little Twin Stars because they combined my two favorite colors: blue and pink. My first diary was one with this design and I dictated entries that my mother wrote own for me. I still have that diary as a precious keepsake.

I also collected stationery from the Sanrio store that I was always afraid to use, so I saved it for a long time. I’m not sure how old these papers and stickers are but I’ve had them for decades.

February cover spread: Little Twin Stars

Once again, we have the title page for the month on the left and the list of books that I read on the right. As you can see, I finished many more books in February! After abandoning most books I started in January, I decided to switch my reading choices and return to series that I’d enjoyed before, like The Memoirs of Lady Trent. Some of these books were re-reads for me so they went very quickly. One book is non-fiction with a title that was too long to fit on the page. I started experimenting with polymer clay food, so I read Angie Scarr: Miniature Challenges 2000-2005 in Polymer Clay.

The stationery pages and stickers are from the Sanrio store. Most of the washi tape is from Simply Gilded, except for the bottom strip, which is from Daiso.

Monthly review and reading stats

Here is the monthly review for February. I read on 20 days out of 28 in the month and finished 7 books. When I added them up, I discovered they were 2499 pages in all! If only there had been one more…

Stay tuned for my individual reviews of some of these books.


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