Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Arr, maties! It be one o’ me favorite days, when us landlubbers pay tribute to the scurge o’ the Seven Seas: pirates! To celebrate this fine day, y’can enjoy many activities like a pirate sing-a-long, sending an ecard to a friend, or practicing yer pirate pick up lines. And ye can feast yer eyes on this excerpt from one o’ my up-coming short stories:

Mkumba turned and hurried as best he could to the fore. Somehow he made it through the crowd without further mishap, and gratefully handed over his burden to the archers.

Then he straightened up and stared out across the water at the other ship. Bare moments had passed since the boy up in the crow’s nest had cried out the news, but the smaller, faster ship was already gaining speed on the heavy merchantman. He could clearly see the decks lined with men and women preparing for the attack, and the black flag that they flew like an omen of death: pirates.

His heart caught in his throat and he froze again in terror. His first time out on a real trading ship, only a short voyage from the islands to the mainland, and they were already being attacked by pirates! Whatever god had cursed him at his birth must still be taking pleasure in his suffering, because he must have the worst luck of any sailor.


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