Prayer to Deyos the Protector

Deyos, Allfather, glory unto you
You who protected your servant, Patroteres
Although he was beset by villains and thieves,
You came to him in his moment of need

Gentle father, yet terrible in your wrath,
You tore apart their throats with your bare nails
Your rage could only be cooled by the touch of Patroteres,
Whose kisses were sweet with nectar

Your fierce love was too great for Patroteres
That when it came time for you to ascend the mountain
He begged to come with you, death to any mortal
Your generous hand pulled him up to his demise

Yet you are still kind, for seeing your lover’s death,
You set him in the evening sky
Now his star shall guide the weary travelers
And protect them as they walk upon your roads

Allfather, guide me on my path
Allfather, protect me from harm
Allfather, shower me with your love
Deyos, bless me with your kindness


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