Countdown to Summer

I keep telling myself that it’s just three more weeks from now. Three weeks is all I have left to live through and then I will have finished this insane semester. I will know what my grades are and how well I held up, and have a better idea of how I’ll need to manage things next semester. I plan on doing some work over the summer but it’ll be easier, no more than one or two classes at a time, and there will be some weeks of break before then when I can relax. Three more weeks and I will be finished with propaganda!

I have plans for this summer, particularly the weeks following finals. Relaxing is definitely on the schedule, as well as a friend’s visit. There’s a few movies already out or soon to be released that I may go see, and I have a big stack of books to read that have nothing to do with research papers or exams. I have writing plans bubbling around in my head that I can barely keep from working on now, even though I know I don’t have the time. I might also want to join a swim team again, though more importantly I need to learn how to drive and I’m thinking about looking for a job.

And of course, who could forget website plans. I have yet to purchase the domain I want; I’ve been holding off until I can do a complete redesign to go with it. I have some plans for big changes that I want to make, especially for the journal, which I want to make PHP-skinnable. Before I do that, I want to make sure everything’s very neat and orderly, so I’m looking at either a clean reinstall of Greymatter or possibly changing to a different script, since I’ll be going to all the trouble already. I hear that Moveable Type can do some exciting things. When creating the skins, I want to experiment more with cascading style sheets and learn how to make table-less layouts. The writing site also needs updating, and I may choose to reinstate the Buttercup shrine. . . .

If nothing else, though, I want to write this summer. I don’t know how realistic the idea is, but at a minimum I would like the complete the first draft of the novel I’ve been thinking about. It may turn out, if I can make myself work hard, that that will take only one month out of my three months of summer, and then I can edit. Perhaps, by fall, I will have a completed manuscript that I can start pimping submitting to publishers. (Don’t mention the last one. I think I’m finally ready to admit that there’s too many problems with it that I just don’t know how to deal with. This is why I don’t write “occult thrillers.”)

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Right now I need to focus on psychology paper, and tomorrow it’s English paper, and Monday’s dedicated to Japanese and math with more on Tuesday morning before school if I manage to get up at a reasonable hour. This is the week of writing; after that will be the two weeks of tests. I need to get through these three weeks first before I can start doing anything else.


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