YAB Spring Bootcamp 2016 Goals

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This May is the start of the 2016 Spring YA Buccaneers Bootcamp! I wasn’t able to start on time because I’ve been wrestling with a nasty cold for the past few days, but now that I’m recovering, I’m eager to set some writing goals and work on accomplishing them.

First things first, a wrap up of my Camp Nano goals from last month. “The Captain’s Wife” has been edited and uploaded to various ebook sites, and the complete season 1 of The Voyage of the Miscreation is also ready. They don’t officially launch until Friday, but some preorder links have already started popping up:

“The Captain’s Wife”

The Voyage of the Miscreation: Season 1

I’ll update soon when more links become available.

Onto my goals for the next two months! I’m returning to the main Wyld Magic series after a long break, and I’m so excited to be writing about Korinna and the other characters again. I plan on concentrating here through the rest of the year to write a prequel novella and two more books in the series. That’s a lot of work, but I’ll manage by breaking it down into stages.

May: write and edit a 15,000 word novella, then outline and start writing book 2, at least 20k words
June: write at least 40,000 words on book 2

To achieve my goals, I’ll write at least 2k words a day. I haven’t started yet, but I do have my scene outline for the novella and a synopsis for book 2. I have several trips coming up that I’ll need to work around, so I’m setting my goals low to start with, and I’ll be flexible to adjusting them as I go along. But it helps to have somewhere to start!


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