Excerpt: The First Bionic Witch

I’m getting close to finishing Riwenne & the Bionic Witches, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’m about halfway through editing so I’m confident that I could have the book ready to publish next month! Stay tuned for an official release date announcement (and a link to preorder it on a sale price).

I wanted to share another excerpt to whet your appetite. Because of the ending for book 1, it’s hard to find things I can share that don’t contain a lot of spoilers. So let’s just go for the spoilers today! (WARNING: don’t read on if you don’t want to know the end of Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts!)

Still here? Okay, so Riwenne and her friends were discovered by the imperial government, and now they’re on the run. They’ve stolen an airship but it doesn’t take long for the empire to track them down again. In this scene, they’re fleeing from imperial ships when they see the first bionic witch, a powerful new enemy:

Janera grunted in acknowledgement, and I could feel the airship turning.

“Wait, what’s that?” Kyra said. Wind roared through the cockpit.

My eyes flew open. She’d opened the window again and she was leaning out, which had to be dangerous at this speed. I sprang out of my seat and rushed over to grab her waist before she could slip.

Kyra grabbed my hand and hauled herself back inside, panting for breath. She struggled to close the window again. “That didn’t work so well,” she said. “We need a better way to see behind us. But I thought I saw something come off of the other ship, much smaller, and it’s gaining on us fast.”

I frowned. “Like a smaller ship? Is that possible?”

“You can’t make tiny airships,” Deryt said. “The envelope alone needs a minimum surface area to volume ratio in order to generate enough lift—”

“There!” Janera pointed out the windshield as a dark shape darted by. “Is it a rocket?”

I turned and squinted out. There was something flying around us, smaller than any vehicle I’d seen on land or in the air. It swooped over us and I couldn’t see it outside of the limited view of the windshield.

Amena leaned forward, craning her neck. “No way was that a rocket. It must have been a bird or something.”

The airship shuddered with an impact. I felt the magical shield strain and hold. “Something is attacking us with magic,” I said, hurrying across the cockpit to the other side where I’d felt the hit. “Something very wrong.”

The dark shape zoomed back into view, and I was in the perfect position to see it. Her. A girl in a flight suit, somehow riding astride on a rocket twice her size, was pointing a huge gun at the airship. Her left arm was mechanical, made of gleaming brass and steel, but it gripped the rocket and a dark power flowed between them. In her right hand, the gun glowed with reddish yellow light and fired a grenade, which exploded against my shield with a flash of magic. It probed for weaknesses, eating away at my power. We wouldn’t be able to take many hits like that.


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