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First Two Weeks of the Pride Fantasy Book Challenge

I’ve been posting on Instagram and Twitter every day with the #PrideFantasyBookChallenge but I also wanted to share my picks here and add links to the books I mentioned. Don’t forget, you can jump in at any time and you don’t have to post every day if you don’t want to. Feel free to share any of your favorite LGBTQIA+ fantasy books under the hashtag and let’s celebrate Pride in a magical way!

Week 1: Rainbow Week

Last of the Exalted by Derek Prior

Week 2: Characters

Favorite Couple: Riwenne and Kyra from Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts

Gay character: Sumeragi Subaru from Tokyo Babylon

Lesbian character: Meela from Ice Massacre

Genderfluid character: Damian from The Reluctant Witch

Bisexual character: Rosa from Small Town Witch

Asexual character: Corin from Sufficiently Advanced Magic

Intersex character: Senla from Fear the Wolf

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these books and it inspires you to try more LGBTQIA+ fantasy! Stay tuned for new books next week.


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