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Monthly Update: March

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February was a hectic roller coaster ride of a month because of Yuri’s health difficulties. I am lucky that I work from home so I can be here for emergencies, but it does mean that anything going wrong can get in the way of my writing.

Despite that, I have been making progress on my current book, Riwenne & the Electrical Prophecy. I wrote most of the first draft during February. I’ll be wrapping up the last few chapters this week and moving on to editing, so things are on track for the publication date next month.

If you’re on my ARC team, expect to see your copy of the book around March 16. If you’re not on the ARC team and you’d like to be, you can find out how to join through my newsletter.

I hoped to write some short stories during February but that didn’t happen, since extra writing only comes after my main project keeps up with my word count goals. While I’m waiting for my editor to work on this novel, though, I should have some free time. The plan is to write my prequel to Santa Cruz Witch Academy, called Third Generation Witch. It will tell the story of why Brie didn’t want to go to any witch schools and how she changed her mind.

You may also have seen some changes around here on my website and social media. I am redesigning things to have a more cohesive look and a regular posting schedule. Here is my current weekly lineup on this blog and Instagram:

  • Monday: A blog post about me or writing topics
  • Tuesday: Instagram quote from my current WIP (work-in-progress)
  • Wednesday: A blog post with an excerpt from my WIP
  • Thursday: Instagram post with a fun observation or question for you
  • Friday: A blog post with a review of a fantasy novel, movie, or game
  • Saturday: Instagram quote from WIP and #Caturday photo
  • Sunday: Instagram personal story and my planner spread

I may still adjust more as time goes on. Let me know which things you enjoy seeing most or what you’d like to see that I haven’t shared. Bookshelf photos? More about the inspiration behind my stories, like aesthetic boards? A blog post about my planning or writing process? I love to hear your feedback!

Here is hoping that March is another productive month!


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