New short story: “The Hedge Witch

hedgewitch-cover-smallA new month, a new story! This month’s short story is another Tale of Wyld Magic, set in the same world of Seirenia as A Flight of Marewings. This story is a little different from the previous installments. Featuring Meyra, a hedge witch, who has someone from her dark past return to haunt her once again. It’s currently live on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and of course my store. I’ll update links once Kobo and iTunes put up the other versions. (By the way, you can now find links to all of my current stories on the sidebar. I hope it’s easier to find than clicking through several pages.)

Readers of Small Town Witch may recognize some familiar themes: witchcraft, a magical garden, a house in the woods–but this is not a lighthearted adventure like Rosa’s. Meyra is fighting for her life against a dangerous man, her own husband.

Once again, the illustration for the cover was created by the talented Jennifer Cox of Dancing Heron Illustration. This is the third of four pieces that she made for me last year. (Although I hope to commission more from her in the future!) The final cover will appear on my flash fiction collection next month, and it’s a little different. Instead of depicting one scene, it’s a motif panel showing symbolic elements for each of the five stories. I love the design that Jennifer came up with to represent all of these, and not just because one of them is a pirate flag!

I’m still playing around with the look for these covers. This month I tried out a new font. I may go back and alter the cover of A Flight of Marewings to match the new look. What do you think? Do you like it better than the old font? I’m not very good at visual designs, so any input it helpful!


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