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November Reading Journal: Witchy Vibes

Welcome to November! I have survived October, so it’s time for another theme in my reading journal. But first, let’s wrap up October’s reading.

I can’t believe that I had time to read this many books because I was working hard on my family’s Halloween decorations. We wanted to create a retro haunted arcade where the video games came to life. This was way more ambitious than we anticipated. Then most kids didn’t recognize the theme at all and asked what happened to our Ghostbusters decorations. Oh, well. Here is my October reading wrap-up:

Still managed to read twelve books! This is also the end of my vampire theme and I really liked how it turned out.

I also completed the first column of my Spooky Bingo:

Since there is only one month left in the bingo, I’m not sure how many more squares I will fill out. But at least I stuck to one side enough that I could complete one bingo. (My reviews of these books are coming soon!)

Now, onto November’s theme! Like last year, I wanted to keep it spooky after Halloween, and witches are my go-to. But then I had the idea to see if I could decorate with almost entirely black and white. Normally, I can’t get enough color, so I wanted to challenge myself to do something new. What do you think?

I’m calling this “Witchy Vibes.” All the stickers and washi came from TheHoneyBShop, which is a new designer for me. When I first started getting her black and white stickers, I colored them in for my planner. But I like the artwork so much that I wanted to keep some of it as the original. I especially love all the vines and flowers which look like herbs from a witch’s garden.

Only one more month after this in my reading journal, and then I have to solidify my plans for next year!


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