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October Reading Journal: Halloween Theme!

Can you believe that it’s already October? I’m so excited for Halloween! I’m already decorating the house, watching spooky TV shows and movies, and reading spooky books. So I naturally chose a Halloween theme for this month in my reading journal.

But first, let’s wrap up September’s reading with the end of the pirate theme.

September recap

There was no matching August’s level of reading and that’s okay, because it means that I spent less time suffering from migraines. I read 9 books but I don’t know how long one of them was, so in the end, I didn’t try to guess. For the eight books I counted, I read 3,061 pages over 29 days. I’m a little sad to break my streak, but I had a lot going on the last week. There was work being done on my house and it was absolute chaos for three days. I’ve only just finished moving back all the furniture and cleaning up.

Now, onto the October cover page. Once again, I had more materials than I knew what to do with, so I tried to be selective:

The main quote image (Squad Ghouls) and the month are from Sweet Kawaii Design. The washi tapes are from Michaels. Many stickers and the Grim Reaper stamp are from Stickii Club’s Cute subscription. Others, like the bats and gravestone, came from Lahlaland’s Halloween countdown calendar last year. The little purple witch is from Shine Sticker Studio.

Unlike last month’s pirate theme, I have tons of cute Halloween washi to use this month, so I’m looking forward to decorating the pages. Here’s another cute washi with purple bats from Sweet Bean Plans on the first book:

I can’t wait to share more fun things this month!


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