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Publishing Plans for 2023

This year is shaping up to be another busy one for me. I’ll keep you updated as things change, but these are the books that I’m currently planning to release this year. To find out the latest news, subscribe to my newsletter!

Vampires’ Daughter (Vampires of Calaveras #1)

February 13 (ebook and paperback)

“Anything But Roses” (Santa Cruz University of Witchcraft Valentines Special)

February 14 (exclusive to a Valentine’s Day collection, more details coming soon)

90s Girl Cult: Season 2

March 13 (ebook and paperback)

Fae of Calaveras Trilogy 10th Anniversary Editions

Coming in May (paperback and hardcover), more details coming soon.

Faerie Count’s Lover (Vampires of Calaveras #2)

August 14 (paperback and ebook)

Charms of Stone and Leaf (in Realm of Midnight)

October 17 (ebook only)

Not all of the retailer links are available, but I will continue to update as they’re added. I hope you’re excited for these upcoming releases!


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