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Recent Articles by Me

Besides blogging here, I also contribute to the blog for my book club, YA SFF Addicts! Here is more information about my most recent articles. There are many other writers who also contribute to the blog, so be sure to check it out for a variety of fun topics!

Book Review: Amy of the Necromancers by Jimena I. Novaro

Amy and the Necromancers by Jimena I. Novaro is a unique book with an unusual take on necromancy, and I loved it from start to finish. Read my full book review.

Book Review: Girls of Might and Magic by Various Authors

Girls of Might and Magic is an anthology by various authors with young adult sci-fi and fantasy stories featuring diverse characters, and it was a refreshing taste of new authors. Read my full review.

YA Dystopian Books to Prepare You For the End Times

If you listen to the news, it sounds like the world is ending every day. But what if the apocalypse really happened and you had to struggle to survive? Could you win the Hunger Games or make it as a Maze Runner?

Whether you’re looking for survival tips or just want to escape to something different than your current life, these YA Dystopian books will give you a wild ride.

Read the full list here.

YA SFF Books with Trans and Non-binary Characters

YA books often deal with themes like coming of age and discovering your identity. It’s no surprise that an increasing number include characters who are questioning their gender. There are many well-known examples like Cemetery Boys and Dreadnaught, but we’ve also got some newer books and indie authors!

Read the full list here.


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