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Teen Kindle Vella Stories

You’ve heard me talk about Kindle Vella before and some of my favorite stories. But I realized that most of the stories I shared last time were horror stories aimed at adults, with violence and gore not appropriate for younger readers. Only one I shared, Potion, was a YA fantasy. So I want to highlight some more stories for teens in this list.

The Harpy Rises

A teen girl named Rysa has dreams every night about her missing father. She’s determined to find out the truth about his disappearance, even if it’s dangerous. If you like strong female characters who can kick butt, this is a compelling story that starts with the action right away and doesn’t let up! Updates every week.

Where the Witches Dwell

Another great story with witches but also many other fantasy characters. Roulic is searching for his family and he gets help from a family of witches. This is a complete story, so no waiting for the next episode to drop!


A fun romp about a young fairy who has no special powers of her own, so she has to make her own way in the dangerous world of Man. A coming of age tale that’s sure to enchant. Frequent updates.

Night Bloom Academy

If you love magical schools and paranormal romance, then you can find a variety of academy stories on Kindle Vella. My favorite one so far is Night Bloom Academy because Clara is motivated by her desire to protect her sister, Lily. And there is a soundtrack for the story if you like to listen to music while you read! You might have to wait a while between episodes, but each one is worth the wait.

Goddess of the Broken

This one’s a little different, about a goddess who is looking to find a purpose for her immortality. Tempest decides to heal the broken hearts of victims and seek revenge for them. But does everyone want her help? This story updates regularly.


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