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Fantasy Friday: Chimera Skies by Sharlene Healy

Monsters aren’t the only ones after me.

Chimera Skies is an adventure book sure to appeal to any fans of Divergent and The Matrix. It’s clean content will delight readers of any age.

When my parents are kidnapped on our simple family vacation, my perfectly ordinary life turns upside down. A stranger rescues me and my siblings and takes us deep underground to Bunker 3. It’s there we learn about chimeras, monsters that are secretly living among us. Our information comes at a price, though, and we now must remain at Bunker 3.

I know I need to find my parents, but Bunker 3 starts to feel like home. I find friends and even a little romance. If these strange nightmares would leave me alone, I know Bunker 3 is a place I could be happy in. Little by little, though, I uncover the truth: monsters aren’t the only things lurking in the dark, and Bunker 3 has its fair share of darkness.

Amazon Link: Chimera Skies (Chimera Skies #1)

Author: Sharlene Healy

Genre: YA Dystopian/Adventure

Rating: 4/5 stars

This was a powerful adventure about four teens forced to survive without their parents after their family vacation is interrupted by a strange branch of the military. It starts off strong, then it’s a little slow in the middle with a lot of training and learning about the new world, but then it ends with a doozy of a twist!

I really liked the relationship between Sam and her siblings. It felt real because they bickered about some things like video games, but when it came down to protecting each other, they were totally loyal. Each one had to do a lot of learning and growing to fit into the new world. By the end, they were a really strong team!

What weirded me out was the romance developing between Sam and Max. She’s seventeen and he’s already twenty, with a lot more life experience, plus he acts like a mentor who is training her. Although he doesn’t seem to be deliberately taking advantage of her, we only get her side of the story. And it just rubbed me the wrong way a little. It’s not surprising that her brothers don’t approve of an older guy hitting on her.

Overall, the world-building was interesting with government conspiracies and secret monsters. I’m sure there will be a lot more to learn about the bunkers and the chimeras in future books of the series.

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