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Writing Wednesday: Desperation

Riwenne’s trap is sprung and she finally catches the new demigoddess, Huamani. Will she succeed in draining her magic and killing her?

The Trap is Sprung

The gilded cage snapped into place around Huamani. Gold spikes protruded from the frame, piercing into the demigoddess’s flesh, and she shrieked in anger. Before we could even react, power began to drain out of her and fill the crystals in the warehouse below.

“We’ve got her!” Nexita cried.

I pushed my magic harder to enclose Huamani, holding her in place. I couldn’t quite get a grip on her to drain her energy myself. Something wasn’t quite right—

A crystal shattered with a sound like breaking glass, followed by another. I glanced down to see what was wrong.

“You thought this would hold me?” Huamani said in a low, dangerous voice.

I whipped my head back up just in time to see her grab the cage bars. They warped under her touch, and she bent them back as easily as willow branches. The golden spikes tore at her robes, but she didn’t pay them any attention as she tore the whole front of the cage away and stepped out.

Huamani lifted her hands, eyes narrowing. “You will pay for this insolence!”

“Fall back!” I yelled, dropping out of the way just as a blast of magic shot for my head.

The warehouse rumbled underneath my feet. I launched myself up and out, landing on the cobblestone street, and saw the entire building go up in a vicious explosion.

I looked around quickly to see where my friends had ended up. Kyra was on top of the building next door, already lining up another shot with her compound bow. Janera had thrown up her shield to protect Nexita, both of them crouching on the street beside me. Vilqa was riding on the top of a wave, sweeping away the flames. Amena had her chain wrapped around the demigoddess and she hung in midair. I tried to peer inside the building but I could see nothing in the wreckage, and I feared for the vulnerable scientist.

Then Deryt landed on my other side, carrying Illari in his arms. He set her down gently on her feet.

“Thank you,” Illari said breathlessly, looking up at him with new appreciation.

“Get to our ship,” Deryt said shortly. He threw a smoke bomb at the ground, hiding our little group for a few moments.


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