The Girl Who Talked to Birds

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I’ve published “The Girl Who Talked to Birds” on Amazon as a short story. It’s still available in the Tales of Ever After anthology if you want other fairy tales, too. But just in case, you can also get it on its own.

The Girl Who Talked to Birds

A young girl’s already isolated existence is worsened by the emergence of strange abilities.
Twelve-year-old Kyra would rather be around animals than talk to the girls at her school. There aren’t many animals in the floating city, so she’s only seen llamas, jaguars, and horses in her books. But there are plenty of birds and she never feels lonely around them.
One day she speaks to a bird—and it answers her! Now she can finally make friends who understand her. But when a huge flock of birds tries to follow her into school, everyone panics. Can Kyra figure out what’s going on and stop her new bird friends before someone gets hurt?

Buy it now on Amazon!

I’m also waiting on the final cover for Amena’s Rise to Stardom! and it will be published right away, so keep an eye out for that. But members of my newsletter will get the story for free.


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