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Cover Reveal: Bound by Blood

Every Tuesday from now until release day (October 17), the authors of the Realm of Midnight box set are revealing the covers for the novels included in the collection. These covers and story descriptions will tell you more about what you can expect in the set. Let’s get excited about these upcoming books! My story’s cover reveal will be on March 7th, but in the meantime, you can see other books in the same set.

To start off, we have Bound in Blood by DV Fischer and Amanda K. Mann. Read on for more information about this novel!

Bound in Blood

Carly Harris is a nobody. She’s just a regular girl, albeit strong-willed, who lives in the city of Gravesdale with her best friend Lily. She thought Gravesdale was a regular, nothing but an ordinarily crowded city, until the day she got attacked by a tall, dark, and handsome man. A man who sunk his teeth into her neck in a dark alley. She’s determined to find the truth about the man behind her attack because as far as she’s concerned, vampires exist. Little does she know, the truth will result in something far more complicated than the discovery of a supernatural race: she would fall in love.

Landon Creed is darkness personified. As a vampire, he lives solely for his next kill as well as his next meal, while also completing the jobs his father sends him on. That is his life and he’s perfectly fine with it. He’s merciless and cold, loves inflicting pain, and does so without remorse. Until he meets Carly. Having nabbed her off the street, he has every intention of draining her dry to satiate the monster inside of him. But something happens the moment her blood touches his lips and it prevents him from killing her. A connection forms, one he does not understand, and he finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

The connection between them is forbidden and punishable by death. Both Landon and Carly find themselves facing the toughest decision of their lives; find a way to break the bond between them in order to save their lives or choose each other and face the consequences head-on.

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Bound in Blood is exclusive to Realm of Midnight.


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