Six Sentence Sunday: Trouble Maker

I’m about to release the first short story of a new series, Tales of Wyld Magic, called “Together We Will Fly”. The short stories will supplement the larger Wyld Magic series, including the first book coming in January, A Flight of Marewings. Here’s an excerpt about the two brothers in their new job.

“There’s no drinking, no gambling, no fighting, and no messing around with the womenfolk, or you’ll be out on your ear.” He pointed to another hall similar to the men’s, presumably where the ‘womenfolk’ stayed, and wagged his finger.

Galenos shot a significant look at his brother at the mention of avoiding the women. “Don’t go getting us into trouble again,” he muttered under his breath.

Varranor smiled and batted his eyes in the picture of perfect innocence. “I wouldn’t dream of it.”


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