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NaNoWriMo: Ahead of Schedule & Fully Funded!

Guess what, everyone! I have some incredible news. The Mighty Pens team has already reached our goal of raising $10,000 for the Malala Fund. This is amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! Right now, we’re helping give temporary housing to girls in Oaxaca who were affected by the earthquake […]

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New Release: The Duke’s Daughter

Today is the release of “The Duke’s Daughter”, a prequel to the Wyld Magic series. It’s a novella about Korinna before the events of A Flight of Marewings. I hope it helps to shed some light on her hopes and feelings before the death of her father overturns her life. Korinna is the daughter of the […]

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#SPFBO 2016 – The Self-Publishing Fantasy Blog-Off

Last year, author Mark Lawrence started an event called the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off. Designed to showcase exceptional fantasy novels by self-published authors and demonstrate that they’re of equal quality to traditionally-published fantasy, it involved collecting over 250 books and distributing them to ten book review blog. Each blog chose one finalist from their batch of […]

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Map of Seirenia (Wyld Magic)

It’s been a long time coming. I’ve been drawing maps for my own use for years, but I was afraid that the quality wasn’t good enough to share or print. But I’ve finally pushed myself to create something for readers. It’s long overdue, but I’m proud to finally give you a map of Seirenia, the […]

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Appearances on Other Blogs

Recently, I’ve been featured on a few other blogs. Click the links to read the full posts. Book Snatch interviewed me and is hosting a giveaway! Read about the weirdest thing I’ve ever done (with photo evidence!) and enter to win a free ebook of Small Town Witch. And So It Begins posted a review […]

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YAB Bootcamp Late Check-In

Always something getting in the way, right? Life continues to be busy as always. So busy, that I was away all day yesterday and couldn’t complete my weekly check-in! I’ve got to get WordPress set up on my phone again, so I can write posts when I’m away from home. So last week, I made […]

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Short story release: Together We Will Fly

Over the next several days, I’ve got a short story that should be rolling out on different sites, set in the same world as A Flight of Marewings. Featuring the brothers Galenos and Varranor in their teen years, this could serve as a prequel for the novel, but it also serves as a stand-alone introduction to […]

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Final Stop: Louise Interviews Galenos

For the final stop on the tour, Louise had some questions to ask the mercenary leader and would-be duke, Galenos. Although he has a reputation for being one of the youngest and most successful warlords in Seirenia, his answers may surprise you! Character Interview with Galenos Thanks again to all of the wonderful tour hosts […]

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Cynthia Hosts Me to Chat All About Marewings

Cynthia Ravinski hosts me on her blog today with a guest post about my favorite new monsters. Click here to read: In Kristen Walker’s Words: All About Words

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Hosted on Greg Close’s Blog

Today I was hosted on Greg Close’s blog. Greg was kind enough to let me talk about a subject from my book that became rather personal on the day after the release. Guest Post: Honoring the Dead by Kristen S. Walker

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