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The SPFBO Sampler

Jon Auerbach, a fantasy author, has organized a way for readers to easily try out new fantasy novels and learn about the popular contest, the Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, now in its fifth year. The SPFBO Sampler is free to download today on BookFunnel. You may find your next great fantasy read! Some of them are finalists in this year’s contest, while other entries are from past years.

The Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off (SPFBO) exists to shine a light on self-published fantasy. It exists to find excellent books that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. It exists to help readers select, from the enormous range of options, books that have a better chance of entertaining them than a random choice, thereby increasing reader faith in finding a quality self-published read.

In furtherance of the mission of SPFBO, over 70 authors from contests past and present have come together to create the first ever SPFBO Sampler, containing previews of the titles they have entered.

With books across all fantasy subgenres, you’ll be sure to find something in the Sampler that catches your eye!  

Included (from me) are sample chapters from my two entries, A Flight of Marewings (SPFBO 2016) and Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts (SPFBO 2019).

Thanks to Jon for organizing this, Mark Lawrence for hosting the contest and writing the forward, and all the other authors who contributed their work to the sampler!


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