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Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine Release Day

It’s finally here! Riwenne & the God-Killing Machine wraps up the Divine Warriors series and I couldn’t be happier to finally finish Riwenne’s story. I hope you will love the ending as much as I do!

To celebrate, I’ve actually put the whole series on sale. So if you haven’t caught up on all the books yet, now is the perfect time to complete your collection! This series is best read in order. Click on the book covers below to choose your favorite store.


It’s so cool to see them all together at last! Thank you for all of your support while I completed my most ambitious series. It’s crazy to think that I dreamed up Riwenne when I was thirteen, and now after all this time, I’ve published all these books about her.

About the Book

A teen girl has become a prophet of legend. Now she faces her greatest challenge: killing the sun goddess who oppresses her people.

Riwenne has performed countless miracles and saved hundreds of thousands with her powerful magic. With the aid of the moon goddess, she has turned back time and reversed death. The empire is falling apart and its people are looking to the rebels for help. For the first time in centuries, there is hope of a better future. She’s ready to end the violence and find peace.

But her greatest enemy, the sun goddess Chysa, isn’t going down without a fight. She transforms the empress into a demigod who can bring death and destruction on a scale they’ve never seen before. And together, they make a machine that can kill gods.

To stop the sun goddess once and for all, Riwenne must get her hands dirty again. This time, the evil goddess won’t stop at imprisoning her rival gods. The sun and the moon goddesses are locked in a battle to the death. Riwenne’s friends aren’t strong enough, so she’ll need the help of her own rivals.

Time for her to fulfill her destiny and kill a god.


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