Marewings Blog Tour Begins!

Today is the official release date for A Flight of Marewings, and that means the first stop of blog tour is live! Kate Wyland hosts me on her blog, Conversations About Horses, as I talk about Writing Horses Secondhand.

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve always loved horses, but I’ve never taken riding lessons or spent any time in a stable. All I knew about horses was that many authors get them wrong in their books. There’s even a stereotype in fantasy of the “motorcycle horse”, where the author treats the horse like a convenient vehicle to transport the hero from one location to another–running without rest, water, food, or any kind of care. Even though my marewings aren’t quite the same as horses, I didn’t want to make those kinds of mistakes. So how did I make my marewings feel real? Read my guest post on Kate’s blog to find out!

And you can also buy A Flight of Marewings at the following retailers:
Amazon Kindle format
Amazon paperback
Smashwords ebooks (multiple formats available)
iTunes iBookstore (search in the store for the full title or “Kristen Walker”)
Barnes & Noble (coming soon)


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