October: What scares you?

It’s October, and with Halloween approaching, it’s time to revel in all things spooky. This is one of my favorite times of year. I can put on my witch hat, haul the Halloween props out of storage, and buy enormous amounts of candy!

Beyond the spooky things that you may enjoy, though, what things actually scare you? Many of us share rational fears, like losing a loved one or getting mugged. But do you also have irrational fears? I’m going to confess mine. It’s weird.

Actor Tim Curry.

Okay, I know this guy has actually been in some scary stuff. He’s the evil murdering clown in IT, after all. And he wears some crazy make-up and devil horns in Legend. And fishnets for Rocky Horror Picture Show. That might be understandable.

But Tim Curry terrifies me in everything he does. Something about that smarmy voice hits this nerve in me. And don’t get me started on his eyebrows. I know he is often supposed to be funny, like the Butler in Clue, but I just can’t watch him.

This has been true for me since I was a child. And trust me, I saw him in a lot of childhood movies. Ferngully, Annie, The Worst Witch, even Home Alone 2 (which I had to suffer through repeated viewings of, because my sister had a crush on Macauley Culkin). Muppet Treasure Island should be my favorite Muppet movie because of the pirates, but Curry is Long John Silver, and he even sings. (His voice is creepier when he sings. Don’t ask me to explain it.)

The problem is I like a lot of these movies. But after I watch them, that voice sticks in my head for days. And unlike many of my friends, I can’t join in the Rocky Horror fandom because it just bothers me.

So that is my confession. I would happily go swimming with sharks (a story for another time), but an actor scares me sleepless.

What are you scared of?


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