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Appearances on Other Blogs

Recently, I’ve been featured on a few other blogs. Click the links to read the full posts. Book Snatch interviewed me and is hosting a giveaway! Read about the weirdest thing I’ve ever done (with photo evidence!) and enter to win a free ebook of Small Town Witch. And So It Begins posted a review […]

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Guest Post: Fairy, Texas by Margo Bond Collins

Author Margo Bond Collins is touring to promote the release of her latest book, Fairy, Texas! If you like modern fantasy set in a small town starring a girl in high school (which you know I do), this novel is the first of a new series. It’s exciting and funny, with a spicy romance. This week, […]

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Guest Post: The Fallen Book Tour by Lee French and Erik Kort

No one keeps secrets from her… The Fallen by Lee French and Erik Kort Publication Date: January 26, 2014 Series: The Greatest Sin #1 Genre: Fantasy For hundreds of years, the Blaukenev clan has wandered across Tilzam, from one end to the other and back. Each wagon carries history, love, laughter, pain, sorrow, and secrets. Their greatest secret […]

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Guest Post: Werewolves of the Renaissance with Tracy Falbe

Author Tracy Falbe is on a blog tour for her new book, Werelord Thal, all about werewolves in the Renaissance! Tracy stopped by to explain something that she researched for the book, a card game called primero. Primero and the Rise of Card Games in the Renaissance Printing is always cited as a pillar of […]

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Guest Post: World-building Names by Katharina Gerlach

Today, bilingual author Katharina Gerlach is touring for the release of her latest novel, Swordplay! I love Katharina’s detailed and unique worlds, so I asked her to tell me a little about how she planned her newest series, and she wrote this post about how she comes up with her names. Read on to find out […]

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Final Stop: Louise Interviews Galenos

For the final stop on the tour, Louise had some questions to ask the mercenary leader and would-be duke, Galenos. Although he has a reputation for being one of the youngest and most successful warlords in Seirenia, his answers may surprise you! Character Interview with Galenos Thanks again to all of the wonderful tour hosts […]

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Cynthia Hosts Me to Chat All About Marewings

Cynthia Ravinski hosts me on her blog today with a guest post about my favorite new monsters. Click here to read: In Kristen Walker’s Words: All About Words

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Hosted on Greg Close’s Blog

Today I was hosted on Greg Close’s blog. Greg was kind enough to let me talk about a subject from my book that became rather personal on the day after the release. Guest Post: Honoring the Dead by Kristen S. Walker

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Talking Tropes with Mathew

Today, Mathew Reuther hosts me on his blog to talk about female warriors in fantasy once again. This time I talked about some of the common “tropes” or archetypes of female warriors found in various kinds of fantasy (not just books: you’ll see them on TV, in video games, comics, and movies, too). Yes, there’s […]

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Guest Post: Building a Mythic World Inside Reality by Juli D. Revezzo

Welcome to guest author, Juli D. Revezzo, as she talks about her latest book release! The world in my first romance novel PASSION’S SACRED DANCE, started out easily enough. As an Urban fantasy romance, I chose to set it in a version of modern Florida, and place a modern scholar in center stage. But that […]

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