NaNoWriMo: Ahead of Schedule & Fully Funded!

Guess what, everyone! I have some incredible news. The Mighty Pens team has already reached our goal of raising $10,000 for the Malala Fund. This is amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far! Right now, we’re helping give temporary housing to girls in Oaxaca who were affected by the earthquake in September so they can continue going to school, as well as providing tutoring and scholarships to disadvantaged students around the world. It wouldn’t be possible without your support.

But it’s not too late, since we are still accepting donations through November 30. If you believe the Future is Female and you want to help me bring education to girls around the world, please follow this link. And then don’t forget to contact me so I can send you a free copy of Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts when it’s finished!

Riwenne is going along great, ahead of schedule. I’m 80% of the way through the first draft and having a lot of fun. I’m really excited to be sharing this book with you next year, and I think it will continue as a series. I’ll be posting more information as I nail down the schedule.

And a quick note, A Flight of Marewings is on sale this week through November 27th. Grab the ebook for 99c at any retailer.
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Enjoy this holiday week with your loved ones!


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