Short story release: Together We Will Fly

"Together We Will Fly" by Kristen S. Walker
“Together We Will Fly” by Kristen S. Walker

Over the next several days, I’ve got a short story that should be rolling out on different sites, set in the same world as A Flight of Marewings. Featuring the brothers Galenos and Varranor in their teen years, this could serve as a prequel for the novel, but it also serves as a stand-alone introduction to the world and a few of the characters. If you want to know how the brothers came to be mercenaries and captured their marewings Nightshade and Skyfire, you’ll love this story–and a few other minor characters have cameos as well.

“Together We Will Fly” is short, as I mentioned, around 8600 words. It doesn’t tell all of Galenos’s backstory, but it does explain his origins. It’s the first in my new series, Tales of Wyld Magic, shorts that will fill in more details about Seirenia and the strange powers that have changed their world. Right now, it’s only available digitally. In the future, when there are more Tales, I plan on collecting them in a print anthology, but I don’t know when that will be. (Right now, my total word count for all Tales I’ve written is barely 15K, which would make a very slim print book.)

The cover art was done by Jennifer Cox again–her depiction of the cloudfruit trees. On the novel cover, the trees were just a backdrop for the marewings, so I wanted to have an image where you could clearly see how they float in the sky. She captured them beautifully.

Today, the short story is already available on Amazon Kindle for $0.99. I’ll post more links when it becomes live on Barnes & Noble Nook, Smashwords, etc. I hope you enjoy it!


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