Six Sentence Sunday: The Stranglevine

I’ve just completed the third draft of Poised for a Flight of the Marewings or whatever I am going to call this silly novel (I’ve changed the title so many times my head is spinning). While I’m uncertain of the title, I’ve just re-worked the entire ending and I think I may have a winner! Enjoy this sample from the new ending:

Suddenly, a great dark river appeared on the street before them.

Syntyche stopped short and whirled to face Galenos. “Have your forces flooded the city?”

“I don’t know what’s going on,” he said truthfully, staring just as wide-eyed at the wave rushing down on them.

But when the dark wave came to meet them, they found it was not water, but some kind of plant growing over the ground. Curling tendrils, a green so dark they were almost black in the light of the lanterns, reached up and grasped the boots of the first soldiers in the ranks.

And now I’m off to the Renaissance Faire for a mug of mead!


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