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6 Sentence Sunday: Riwenne & the Mechanical Beasts

I’m writing up a storm right now for NaNoWriMo! I’ve been sharing snippets on social media as I go, but I thought you might like a bigger excerpt today for 6 Sentence Sunday. First, an update on my progress. I’m ahead of schedule with currently 22,602 words written in November and 52,602 on the whole […]

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Seven Sentence Monday: Rosa Learns the Unseelie’s Plan

Last week, I finished the first draft of Witch Hunt! I managed to write an impressive amount of words for NaNoWriMo, the most that I’ve ever written in a month. I couldn’t have done it with all of the support and encouragement from my family at home, my fellow writers on the WriMo forums, and my […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: Return to the House

It’s been a busy week for me! I completed my NaNoWriMo challenge when I hit my 50,000th word just after midnight last Sunday, but I didn’t slow down after that. Now over 70K, Witch Hunt is entering into the final stretch. 25 chapters and counting are available to read for free on Wattpad. In order to […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: Stepping into Faerie

From Witch Hunt, Rosamunde returns to the land of Faerie escorted by a certain Fae gentleman: I watched him closely, but he didn’t seem to do anything in particular. I did see that his features seemed to shift as we crossed through the Veil, becoming more strange, more Fae. It was as if the mask he […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Exile

I’m writing the first draft of Witch Hunt for NaNoWriMo, and putting up each chapter live on Wattpad as I write it. (Read along for free during November, because after it’s finished, I’ll take it down for editing.) Here’s an excerpt from today’s posting, chapter four. Here, Rosa asks her friends what the consequences could be […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: Trouble Maker

I’m about to release the first short story of a new series, Tales of Wyld Magic, called “Together We Will Fly”. The short stories will supplement the larger Wyld Magic series, including the first book coming in January, A Flight of Marewings. Here’s an excerpt about the two brothers in their new job. “There’s no drinking, no […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Stranglevine

I’ve just completed the third draft of Poised for a Flight of the Marewings or whatever I am going to call this silly novel (I’ve changed the title so many times my head is spinning). While I’m uncertain of the title, I’ve just re-worked the entire ending and I think I may have a winner! […]

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6 Sentence Sunday: The First Miracle

Inside the cage was an ogre, a terrifying creature that resembled a gigantic man with protruding fangs and brutishly large arms. In a satirical twist, the neophytes had painted its skin black; around the hairy waist hung a dark blue leather loincloth, mocking the uniform of the Storm Petrels. Its beady blue eyes darted back […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: The Chimaera’s Attack

A fierce growl came from behind a large rock. Two slitted eyes glinted back at him, then a second pair, then a third. The monster leaped up onto the rock in a single fluid motion, landing with two silent paws, then two cloven hooves. Galenos raised the branch and saw the nightmare above him: the […]

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Six Sentence Sunday: Varranor’s Crazy Scheme

From an upcoming short story, “Together We Will Fly”: Varranor laughed. “This is not a jest! If we could capture a pair of marewings, we could fly to Irakleio, and then the Blue Suns would accept us into their highest ranks. We wouldn’t have to waste time working up the chain of command from simple […]

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