Cover Reveal: Blood & Scales by Therena Carlin

It’s time for another cover reveal! Once again, this is just one of 30+ novels that will be exclusive to the Realm Of Midnight box set, available on October 17. Make sure to preorder the set using the link below so you don’t miss out on this limited time deal!

Blood & Scales

Blood & Scales by Therena Carlin 

Born a blood-witch, Kaya has been an outcast her entire life. All she ever wanted was to be normal and fit into society. But when her sister dies during childbirth, leaving her with a baby girl and a group of deadly hunters on her trail, she must do everything in her power not to be caught. Living on the fringes of society, she refuses to let anyone in. Being on the move is all that has kept her one step ahead of the hunters. But when she meets a sexy man that wreaks havoc with her sensibilities, she must choose between opening her heart and trusting him to protect her or always living on the run.

As a dragon shifter, Ryu is haunted by his traumatic past. Hiding from his true nature, he has made a life for himself in a secluded village. Afraid of finding love for fear of the danger his beast poses to them, he runs away when he sees Kaya for the first time. But, when fate throws her in his path once more, he must choose between allowing his fear to control him or trusting his dragon to protect his mate. 

Blood & Scales is a Paranormal Fantasy Romance with tropes such as: Fated mates, Force Proximity, One bed, Cinnamon Roll Hero, Feisty Heroine, Found Family & more!

Steam level: Very steamy



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