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I’m so excited to announce that the third book in the Divine Warriors series is already available for pre-order on Amazon! Check out this awesome cover!

Riwenne and the Airship Gambit

A young prophet still learning her powers. A single city standing against the might of the empire. Can the dream of the rebellion last?
Fifteen-year-old Riwenne never considered herself a prophet, but when she rescued Lyndamon City from destruction, people called her a miracle worker. Now the city she saved is under an even greater threat. When they declared their independence, the rest of the empire prepared their airships for an attack. Lyndamon is still defenseless from the last battle and they don’t have resources to rebuild.
In a desperate bid to protect her fragile home, Riwenne must find more divine warriors to fight for her cause—but not everyone with a god’s power is on her side. When mysterious warriors attack, she must persuade them to join her team or defeat them. Still haunted by her last kill, Riwenne is reluctant to use lethal force again.
Between negotiating with gods and her new relationship, Riwenne barely has time to rest. Her sleep is haunted by nightmares of what she’s done and visions of what could happen if she fails.
The fate of the gods hangs in the balance.

You can pre-order it on Amazon and add it on Goodreads!

Guess when the release date is?

October 7!

Now, we’re still in celebration mode this week because Riwenne & the Bionic Witches just came out. As promised, here is the final excerpt from the book! But I actually wanted to start you off with the very beginning. Here is the opening scene, when Riwenne glimpses the dangers that she and her friends will face. Just a reminder: major spoilers for book 1!

All I wanted was to see my sister, Nexita.

I opened the front door of the sanctum of Damon Temple. The vaulted hall was full of sunlight, blindingly bright. The white marble walls reflected the light and the gold decorations sparkled, washing out the whole room so the details were lost. I blinked, trying to adjust my eyes, and looked up. The sun was overhead. This must be why we didn’t come into the sanctuary at high noon—it was bright enough during the ceremonies at dawn and sunset, but this was like torture.

I started to walk forward, but then I saw that the temple wasn’t empty. A group of people stood before the altar in red robes.

Don’t let them see you, a voice whispered in my mind. Keep to the shadows.

I darted to the side and slipped behind a pillar. The shadows relieved my eyes. I looked back to the altar. The red robes stood out against the white marble. Junior priestesses wore red, but the color looked wrong somehow, a darker shade almost tinging on maroon. And why would a bunch of junior priestesses be gathering alone? I craned my head, trying to get a closer look at their faces. They were wearing hoods. Priestesses always went with their heads uncovered and their hair hanging loose, something that I’d struggled with as a novice, trying to keep my long, curly pink locks untangled.

Then another figure stepped from behind the altar in a distinctive robe. White at the shoulders, flowing down into red and ending in black at her feet, only the head priestess, Mother Lyda, could wear something so elaborate. And her head was uncovered, revealing her youthful face and her dark red hair that hung well past her waist.

A mix of emotion flooded through me, anger and longing twisting my stomach into a knot. I’d sworn loyalty to her as the leader of not only the temple but the entire Central Province of Arkia. But she was a corrupt leader, allowing the dangerous Ministry of Technological Research & Development to experiment on her own people. I’d spent months fighting mechanical beasts only to find out that the government itself used those monsters to steal energy from innocent civilians. It wasn’t clear how much she knew herself, but she’d at least turned a blind eye on the attacks. And if what I’d been told was true, she was also my birth mother.

I wanted to demand answers about the machines and my birth. Why had she manipulated my assignment so I ended up training as a priestess under her in the temple? How could she let R&D hurt people? Did all government officials know who their biological children were, despite the laws shielding our identities, or was it just her? And if she’d done all of this, what other laws was she willing to break?

But then one of the red-robed figures pushed back their hood to reveal icy blue hair, and I shrank farther back into the shadows. That wasn’t a priestess at all, but Minister Rennu, the head of R&D himself. The twisted man who had created the mechanical beasts and used them to prey on the city—and my father.

Rennu gestured, and two robed figures brought out a white cloth, draping it over the altar. Another stood nearby with a bundle of ropes in their arms. They all chanted, low and rhythmically, and I heard a mixture of male and female voices. Men weren’t allowed in the temple except during the public dawn ceremony. They spoke in Old Ursan, the ancient language that only the highest-ranked clergy of the temple used.

Two more robed people came in, dragging a bound man between them. I saw with a shock that he was almost naked, wearing only a white loincloth. He struggled a little, but he seemed drugged because he was groggy and weak. The robed figures lifted him onto the altar and tied him down with the ropes.

Rennu turned to the shortest person in the circle of chanters and beckoned them forward.

Even before she pushed back her hood, I knew her by her height and the way she moved. My heart sank. She was slight and the same height as me, barely five feet tall, with a shock of bright blue hair. But there was something different, too. Her robe hung empty where her left arm should be. Nexita smiled up at Rennu with disgusting devotion in her face. I had to brace myself not to get sick on the floor.

She was my best friend, there for me all those years we were in school together. I called her my sister long before I knew we shared a father. We fought against those mechanical beasts side by side, saving people from harm, but when she learned the truth about Rennu’s plans to siphon more energy for his machines, and that Rennu was our father—somehow she had chosen his evil plot over our divine mission. I still didn’t understand why he had such a hold over her. Could he have brainwashed her into following him? Or did his dark magic give him control?

Nexita took a golden knife from Rennu and climbed up onto the altar. She lifted it with her right hand over her head, poised over the bound man.


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